About the Program


WSSU Bridge to Duke PhD Program





The WSSU-Duke Nursing Bridge to the Doctorate Program is a collaborative partnership between Winston-Salem State University (WSSU) Division of Nursing and Duke University School of Nursing (DUSON) to provide a rigorous academic and research training experience that prepares students for seamless transition into a PhD program at Duke University. Bridge Scholars are high achieving WSSU Master of Science in Nursing students who participate in a Research Honors Track that consists of 17 research/research-related credits and a variety of required non-credit enhancement activities.


Benefits of becoming a Bridge Scholar

  • Expand Nursing Knowledge

Critical to the development of a research scientist, the Bridge curriculum provides a robust base and continuing acquisition of new and evolving scientific knowledge.

  • Enhance research skill development

Research skills are essential when implementing evidence-based scientific methods in safe, precise, and ethical ways. Learning and practicing new and refined skills not typically associated with master’s-level programs in nursing will increase the readiness, capability, and competitiveness of Bridge Scholars for transition to PhD programs in nursing and related biomedical/behavioral sciences.

  • Develop communication skills

Effective written, oral and visual communication is essential for the dissemination of research that contributes to the scientific literature, facilitating research projects, doctoral study and employment.

  • Collaborate with others

Research enterprise is becoming increasingly multidisciplinary, therefore the ability to serve on teams is critical training for new scientists. Bridge Scholars will have the opportunity to work collaboratively with faculty and peers from several disciplines and will share leadership roles on these interdisciplinary research teams to promote conceptual, creative contributions to problem solving.

  • Cultivate leadership skills

Leaders do more than delegate, dictate, and direct. Leaders help others achieve their highest potential. Bridge scholars are empowered to be professional, competent leaders who advance healthcare, address health disparities, and lead change.

  • Address health disparities

Despite great effort, there continues to be a need for research that successfully addresses issues of health disparities. Bridge Scholars will have an opportunity to engage in health disparities research through an intensive summer mentorship experience.

Bridge Scholars Receive:

  • Tuition and fees
  • Stipends
  • Equipment (lap tops)
  • A small budget for research supplies and materials


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