About the People

The Bridge to the Doctorate Program is a collaborative training program between Winston-Salem State University and the Duke University School of Nursing to increase the number of doctorally prepared minority nurses in the United States. Funded by the National Institute of General Medical Science (NIGMS), National Institute of Health (NIH), this five-year project provides support to institutions helping students make the critical transition in their development as scientists from master's degree programs to PhD programs. Ultimately, the purpose of the Bridge program is to increase the pool of master’s degree students who go on to research careers in the biomedical and behavioral sciences and will be available to participate in NIH-funded research.

The Bridge Partnership:

Bridge Program Faculty and Staff

Deb Brandon
Associate Professor
Duke University School of Nursing
Cecil Holland
Associate Dean & COO of Nursing; Assistant Dean for Admission
Winston-Salem State University
Peggy Valentine
School of Health Sciences, Dean MS, Howard University
Winston-Salem State University
Leslee Battle
Assistant Dean for Curriculum and Instruction
Winston-Salem State University
Leslie Barnhouse
Program Coordinator for the Bridge to the Doctorate Program
Duke University School of Nursing
Christina Hale
Graduate Program Associate
Winston-Salem State University