Azeez Aileru, PhD, FAHA

Professor, Directory of Biomedical Research Center

Phone (336) 761-5899
Office PTCRC Building Rm 271

Dr. Aileru’s laboratory focuses on neural control of the cardiovascular system during hypertension and to understand the mechanisms by which high blood pressure produces profound changes in the physiology of autonomic transmission. The approach is to monitor the activity-dependent changes in neuroplasticity of sympathetic ganglia from acquired and/or inherited models of hypertension and to monitor the excitability/responsiveness of postganglionic neurons. Current projects are designed to provide information about the relationships between apparent enhancements of sympathetic nerve activity, an activated brain and/or peripheral renin-angiotensin system and regulation of ganglionic transmission. We are interested in identifying specific synaptic elements and the role of tachykinins in the autonomic synaptic transmission as well as how these peptides alter plasticity of sympathetic ganglia and manifest in hypertension. The study uses a variety of electrophysiological techniques in concert with acquired and genetic model of hypertension to learn how genesis and maintenance of high blood pressure alter the function of peripheral neural elements in autonomic ganglia. Other projects primarily focus on the effects of hypertension on the efficiency of nicotinic synaptic transmission in ganglia isolated from inherited and acquired forms of hypertension, namely, ouabain and mRen2 transgenic models. The research involves in-vitro electrophysiological recording from ganglion cells along with CNS drug administration and pharmacological tools to manipulate neuroplasticity. Some of the work, in collaboration with my colleagues at Wake Forest University Health Sciences utilizes radio immunoassay to quantify neuromodulators such as substance P, Indolamines, and angiotension receptors that may be responsible for alteration in sympathetic synaptic transmission during sustained high blood pressure.

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Dr. Aileru's Vitae.

Research Interests

  • Neuroscience of Hypertension